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Case Study #1

Reuse of a Decommissioned 1000MW CCGT Power Station

We conducted a detailed feasibility study for the reuse of a decommissioned power station’s assets at a new plant in west Africa.

The scope of study included deinstallation, overhaul, transportation, and re-installation at the new facility.

The existing 1000MW plant in the UK was retired before the designed end of life, with the power generating assets in good working condition.

A detailed technical and commercial appraisal of the plant was conducted for investors consideration.

The study concluded the viability of the project with a capital cost of approximately 11% of a new plant, and 60% (15 years) lifespan of a new one.

This project also represented an opportunity to create a sustainable circular economy for developing nations in western Sub-Saharan Africa with ambitions to increase their generation capacity and grid availability.

Case Study #2

Design Validation of a Biogas Plant

William Grant & Sons (Grissan Renewable Energy)

We undertook design validation for a biogas plant which fed into the national grid < 7 bar distribution system.

The waste to energy project converts distillery waste to biogas by biodigestion. The gas produced is subsequently upgraded to the required quality, compressed to the distribution pressure, and injected into the grid.

We validated the piping design for the entire site and provide detailed design recommendations required for the safe and effective fabrication, installation and operation of the plant over the specified design life in accordance with EU and UK directives on plant design and operation.

The plant went live in 2016 and has continued to operate as designed.

Case Study #3

Pipeline Decommissioning Detailed Design

Verous Engineering for Perenco

We undertook a detailed design for the decommissioning of a 12-inch offshore hydrocarbon pipeline.

Our scope as part of the Perenco amethyst field decommissioning was the sizing and selection of a pump to flush the decommissioned hydrocarbon pipeline.

The 9 km pipeline required flushing following end of life shutdown to remove residual hydrocarbon liquid in the pipeline to be left in situ.

A requirement to achieve 30 PPM oil in water concentration was set for the flushing acceptance. This was part of the license condition for the field.

Using seawater as a flushing medium, a hydraulic model of the system was developed to determine the required pump duty. The effluent was tanked and sent to an onshore facility for treatment.

Based on the hydraulic profile, a pump providing high head and low flow was required to satisfy the flushing requirements. An axially split multistage pump was sized to meet the system demand accordingly.

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